First Snow Fall

On the official first snow fall of the year, while it sure looked picturesque outside,  getting out of bed was far from it.  I felt every joint and muscle.  The first thing I wanted to do was get on the floor and stretch.  My cat and dog were so hyper and I was trying to keep up. Its incredible how much dogs love the snow and seem to be unaffected by the cold chill the snow brings.

One of the main things when having an achy day is to keep moving.  As much as it hurts to roll out of bed and get your butt in gear, you need to.  In just a few short minutes, and a few short poses, you are closer to getting on with your day and enjoying how the snow did not make the roads a disaster!

Todays pose: Tadasana-Mountain Pose.  This pose can be performed by standing straight up elongating the neck as you reach the crown of the head toward the ceiling.  Feet should be together and arms long by your side. Ground the feet into the floor as you put equal weight into both feet. Tuck the duck butt in, as I call it, and tuck the low belly in. Last but not least breathe.

Photo credit: BrittanyIMG_5802