Monday Morning Blues

Have you ever woken up on Monday morning and not wanted to go to work? If you’re human you have! Today is the best pose to shake off those Monday blues and face the day.

While taking these pictures today, my mom decided to join in.  After a few trial and errors, this is the picture I went with.  Its funny because I never like taking pictures of myself but for some reason I don’t mind these because I’m hoping that someone out there is reading this and trying these poses out.

My employees at work here think I’m crazy as they watch me daily practicing yoga in between customers.  I’m always trying new ways to do things and ALWAYS working on more core poses. Those are the most important because if we don’t have a strong core we cant stand up straight, cant sit up straight, and everything starts to fall apart.  Lets not let that happen!

To all my Yogis out there, Keep Calm and Yoga On!

Pose for the day: Uttanasana-forward fold- Stand with your feet either together or hip distance apart.  Ground those feet into the floor. Bend forward from the hips all the way toward the floor.  Bend those knees if you hamstrings are tight. Your arms can be hand-to-elbow or they can be on the floor or grabbing your ankles as I am doing in the picture. Keep breathing!

What this pose works: spinal muscles, piriformis, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, gracilis, biceps femoris, and semintendinosus