Yellowstone Fun

Over the summer my sister and I went all around the West from Oklahoma to Arizona, to California up to Washington, over to Wyoming and South Dakota and then back home to Illinois.  It was so much fun!  Perfect background for yoga picture taking.  I felt sorry for my sister as I had her take all these pictures.  In the coming weeks you will see some more pictures of our West adventure.

In this picture my sister and I are in Yellowstone National Park.  We decided to go across the street from where our campsite was (Yes we slept in a tent for 12 nights) and explore alittle.  She really wanted to see a bear.  Needless to say we never did see any bears but we sure saw a ton of bison! They are so huge and beautiful at the same time.  The trees that I am standing between have some scratch marks up to my shoulders from the bison.  Brittany ( my sister) wanted me to put in here that she got some weird rash from touching those trees.  LOL

This is another good balance pose.  As with yesterdays pose, always make yourself as tall as the trees are behind me.

Pose for the day: Vrksasana- tree pose-stand in Tadasana and find something to focus on either on the ground or out in front of you.  Preferably something not moving.  Ground your foot into the floor and stand tall.  Slowly start to bring your foot up.  It can go anywhere but on your knee.  This is very important.  Never press on the knee.  When you find you balance you can raise the arms overhead or you can bring them to prayer hands.  Stand here for 30 seconds.  Return down to Tadasana and repeat with the opposite foot.  If you need to, you can perform this pose standing next to a chair.

What this pose works: Strengthens thighs, calves, ankles, and spine, stretches the groins and inner thighs, chest and shoulders, improves sense of balance and relieves sciatica and reduces flat fee

Photo credit: Brittany