Dancing My Way to Sanibel

Every year my friends and I go to Sanibel in Florida for a few days. If you have never been, you should because it is amazing down there. You have to pay to get on the island so it keeps the “Spring Breakers” off the island.  It is a very peaceful place where everyone rides their bikes around and picks up shells on the beach.  Many times I have done yoga in this peaceful place.  The sound of the ocean and birds with the lovely Florida sun on your body lifts you up and drowns away your stress! 

Todays pose is one of those balance challenges again.  One of the most beautiful and graceful poses in yoga.  Doing this pose makes me feel like a dancer every time.  One of the favorites!

Todays pose: Natarajasana-King of the Dancers Pose- Stand in Tadasana and ground your left foot.  Slowy bend your right knee bringing your heel toward your glute.  Take the right hand and grab the ankle, foot, or leg of the right foot.  Slowly bend forward lifting the left arm up as you do so.  Stand here for a few breaths and then repeat with the other leg.  You may hold on to a chair, counter, or wall when performing this until you get your balance.

What this works: gasroncnemius, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, quadriceps, deltoid, teres minor, serratus anterior, spinal extensors, pectoralis major, rectus abdominis, internal oblique, tensor fasciae latae, subscapularis, serratus anterior, intercostals, psoas minor, and psoas major

Photo credit: Pat

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