Warrior II and Decorations?

Looking back at this picture my sister took on Friday and looking around today at the same location, it looks completely different. Yesterday all of us here at Paradise decided it was time to put up Christmas decorations  Our tree is up, the poinsettias are fluffed and put out and the showcases have pinecones and glitter in them to make the jewelry sparkle.  Each year we remember where we had certain decorations and how the tree looked and we try to mimic that.  Sometimes we change things around a little and rework the tree ornaments and see what looks better or where the lights look the best.

Warrior II is no different then putting up decorations.  It is a pose that once you are in you should always be working.  Working to keep the shoulders over the hips.  Changing the stance to see how that feels on the legs.  If the arms don’t like being out long, maybe try bringing them down for a few moments and then try bringing them back up.  There are a ton more parallels but I think you get the idea. You never want to go straight into Warrior II and stay there without working in the pose.  The same as you never put up decorations without switching at least one thing around.  Unless its perfect the first time 🙂

Todays Pose: Virabhadrasana II-Warrior II-Stand in Tadasana and bring your right foot back.  Left knee should be bent at a 90 degree angle.  Right leg should be straight with your heels in alignment and the toes of the right foot turned out.  Press into the outside edge of the right foot.  Hips should be turned out toward the right but when you do this make sure that left knee stays right over the ankle and going toward the second toe.  Square your shoulders over those hips and tuck that duck butt in.  Lift the arms so they are parallel to the floor and look over your left fingers if your neck allows.  Reach the top of the head toward the ceiling and lift the heart up as well.  Stay here for a few minutes always working the pose.  Then switch legs and start all over again.

What this works: sterncleidomastoid, plexus nerves, gluteus medius, piriformis, tensor fasciae latae, hip joint ligaments, subtalar joint, quadriceps, scalenes, and the pectoralis minor