The Last Warrior

Five years ago I had a health scare.  My hands and feet were tingling and numb when I did certain things but especially yoga.  It started to scare me that the one thing that brought me so much joy and helped relieve my stress was making my body deteriorate. After a year of tests and procedures, it turns out I’m healthy but I have fibromyalgia.  Not a death sentence but something that has no cure and comes and goes when it pleases.  During that year of tests, I had to quit teaching because it got to be too much on my body.  I didn’t know what was wrong so therefore didn’t want to make myself worse until I knew what was wrong.  This being the last in the Warrior series makes me think of the last class I taught.  I don’t remember much except I remember thinking “Will I ever teach yoga again?”

Warrior III is probably my favorite in the 3 because of the balance challenge it creates.  In the series, Warrior I starts off with the stance and grounding the feet, Warrior II starts to have the challenge of keeping hips and knees going in opposite directions while maintaining the arms long, and Warrior III adds in balance on top of hips and arms.  It reminds me of my yoga journey.  I have started off taking classes, to teaching classes, and now I have started my own business.  Every day new challenges arrive and we learn to face them as warriors!

Todays pose: Virabhadrasana III-Warrior III-Stand in Warrior I with your left leg in front at a 90 degree angle.  Arms are lifted into the air.  Slowly start peeling your right foot up into the air until it is parallel to the floor.  Arms can be reaching toward the opposite wall or as mine are in the picture fingers are laced together with my index finger pointing.  Make sure you have a soft bend in the knee.  Eyes are gazing down at the floor.  You may use a chair or object to prevent falling.  After 20-30 seconds, slowly bring that foot down and repeat on the other leg.

What this pose works: hamstrings, gastrocnemius, gluteus maximus,  and spinal extensors