Shoveling the Snow

As we all batten down the hatches in anticipation of this snow storm, I am here at work doing yoga and thinking about all my poses to help with shoveling.  One of the most important things to remember when shoveling snow is to try and push the snow instead of lifting.  I try to be “macho” and lift the shovel to try and quicken the process and end up at my chiropractors office in serious pain.  So you are not alone here! I have lived in my house for over 4 years now and I know my driveway well enough to know when to lift it for the cracks in the cement but it was a fun chore in the beginning.  I kept jamming the shovel into the cracks and that hurt.  At the end of last season, I finally bought a shovel I love.  It is lightweight and tall so no bending over to shovel for me!

Yoga is equally as important as a good shovel to me.  Keep in mind that you should always stretch and warm up your muscles before going outside.  This will help with any pain and strain the body may encounter.  After all the hard labor, you should always come back in and do more stretches.  Todays pose should not be the only pose you do.  You should also do Warrior II, Forward Fold, and some basic arm stretches for those biceps and triceps.

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Todays Pose: Prasarita Padottannasana- Wide-Stance Forward Bend- Stand in Tadasana and bring your feet apart.  Wider then your hips.  Toes should be facing out.  Legs are straight but not locked.  Slowly bend forward from the hips until you cant bend anymore.  You can bring your hand down to the floor, your ankles, or anywhere on your legs.  Stay here for a few breaths and then slowly bring yourself up.

What this pose works: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, tibialis anterior, erector spinae, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, diaphragm, adductor magnus, gracilis, popliteus, tibialis posterior, flexor halucis longus, and the flexor digitorum longus

Photo credit: Abi