Heart toward your knee and Head toward your Toes!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope your week is going well and that all the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten.  Those binge eating poses that I taught all of you have hopefully been put to use and you haven’t gained a pound.  Ok one or two is alright!  If you have lost weight, I applaud you!  We have one more big eating holiday coming up and then it is New Years Resolution time!  I would estimate to say that 75% of Americans says they will lose weight or at least go to the gym for their New Years Resolution. I know I did 8 years ago and guess what, it was the best thing I could have ever done.  It lead me to yoga and now I have made a business out of it.  Sometimes it sticks! Don’t lose heart!

Todays pose is a great one for sciatica.  Yesterdays pose does put a lot of stress on the SI nerve but this pose helps it.  For those of you with sciatic nerve flares, please take caution as you do this pose but it should bring relief.  Make sure you do both legs as well.

Todays Pose: Janu Sirasana- head to knee pose-Sit in Dandasana and bring your right foot in to the inner thigh of the left.  Press through the heel of the left foot as you lift the top of the head toward the ceiling.  Hinge at the hips and bring your heart toward your knee and your head toward your toes.  Stay here for a few breaths with a slit bend in the knee if you need it.  Switch legs after a few seconds.  Repeat this pose everyday.

What this pose works: gastrocnemius, hamstrings, spinal extensors, soleus, and latissimus dorsi and also the SI nerve.