Let’s End November with Love

It is the end of the week and the last day of November today. All my yoga classes for November are complete and now on to a new month. The month of December is always compact. We try to squeeze in holiday parties and cookie exchanges and Christmas dinner and shopping and wrapping gifts, and last but definitely not least, working holiday hours in a jewelry store! In my business this is our time to shine as I say and we have to make every second count! The best part of my job is making the gift receivers’ eyes light up when they open their tiny Paradise package! We might not get to see it but we know that they will love it! All of us here love making people happy; showing them that they are loved!

Today’s pose will help to rid the body of “love handles” as we call them. Lots of love is great but love handles can be gone. In this pose, take caution if knee and shoulder pain is present. Always remember if you feel any pain in the back of the knee to bend the knee.

Today’s pose: parivrtta Janu Sirasana- revolved head to knee pose- begin in Dandasana or staff pose. Bring your right foot in to the inner thigh of the left. Maintain having your left rib cage over that thigh as you raise the right arm into the air. Bend at the hips bringing your left rib cage toward your left thigh. Right arm reaches toward your toes. In my picture I am grabbing my left foot. You don’t have to grab the foot. Your right arm can be reaching over the ear. Gaze can be down, out, or up depending on your neck. I’m laughing in my pic because my cat Rahn decided to join me and lick my toes. I had to post that picture because he is so cute!

What this pose works: gluteus medius, tensor fasciae latae, tibialis anterior, soleus, deltoideus anterior, erector spinae, infraspinatus, and the trapezius muscle.