Yoga to TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

As I write this blog today, my all time Favorite Song EVER is playing.  Those who know me know exactly what song.  It is TSO’s (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24!! 😀 It is a great song to do yoga (power yoga) to. I play it as loud as I can! I absolutely love this song and always have.  Going way back to when they first played it on the radio.  I have since seen them in concert more then 5 times and each time I still sit there in awe of this song.  If you have ever seen them in concert, you know that they put on an astounding show.  You will walk out of there stunned.  The light show, the story they tell, the fireworks and flame, and of course the MUSIC!

The pose of the day is one that you can do to my favorite song! Try it! You might find that your adductor longus releases a little more because of the power in that song! LOL 🙂 With this pose, I have sandbags at home that I sometimes you to put a little more pressure on my thighs to lower them.  They aren’t very heavy but just enough that I feel a good stretch.  If my chiropractor is reading this, don’t worry I know my limit! 🙂 Sometimes you need more then gravity to help you! Never never never put them on your thighs without first being comfortable with the pose and always remember if anything doesn’t feel right to stop immediately!

Todays pose-Baddha konasana-bound angle pose- Start off with your feet together, knees out wide and feet pushed out in front of you.  Slowly pull the feet toward you.  You can stay here if you want.  If you need a little more, take your hands to the outside of the feet with your thumb on the in-step and open up the feet as if reading a book.  You will notice how the knees get a little lower here.  If you want even more, hinge forward and bring your head toward your feet.  Stay here for a few breaths. Repeat if you want.

What this pose works: gracilis and adductor longus muscles.