Horsing Around Yoga Time

I am sitting at my friends house helping her out today and decided that I needed a change of scenery. I’m really not into sitting in the cold snow in front of her horse so I thought her Christmas tree would be the perfect place today. One of the things about her house is her dogs love to be on top of me. 5th times the charm and I got a picture with them sitting in front of me! Her one dog literally comes and sits on my lap and always has since he was young. They are too funny and Gryfindor’s best friends!

It’s very appropriate that the pose for today is also an animal. Today’s pose is one that I do a lot and multiple times a day. It really helps to get rid of any tension that we feel in our back’s. It also can relieve tension and stress in our necks and our shoulders. You will find yourself doing this pose many times. If you need to lengthen one of your legs out you can. You don’t have to keep it tucked in toward your bottom. Also if your neck doesn’t allow you to turn it can also be straight. Never compromise the neck in any poses.

Today’s pose: ardha Matsyendrasana- half Lord of the Fishes Pose- start by sitting in Danasana or staff pose. Bend your left leg is healed towards your bottom. Then you can cross you right foot over and make sure the foot is firmly into the floor. Sit up nice and tall with a nice straight back. Then you can bring your arms and cross them over your right knee or if you can bring your left arm to the outside of your right leg. This is a nice little twist. Stay here for a few breaths and then switch legs.

What this pose works: sternocleidomastoid, piriformis, selenium capitis, rhomboids, serratus anterior, erector spinae, superior gemellus, inferior gemellus, and the obturator internus muscles.