Whatever Floats Your Boat

Another day in Paradise! That line has become somewhat of our moto here and it is so true.  Everyday is an adventure as if we were living in Paradise. Yoga class last night was no different.  We did so many core exercises to work off those cookies.  My core muscles are feeling on fire today. It feels so good but at the same time don’t cough! 🙂 I love when those muscles feel like this because that means I’m one step closer to a six pack! Just kidding! That will never ever happen because I LOVE bread and cheese and pasta! I have tried numerous times to limit them and I can’t.  They call my name! Gluten free bread and pasta is something I have tried but for the life of me cannot adapt to.  When I was gluten free for health reasons a few years ago, I craved everything I couldn’t have.  Those three months seemed like three years to me.

As I was getting to this pose in the book I am going through, ( Yoga Anatomy written by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews) I was dreading this one.  I always thought I had great core strength until I do this.  But that is what makes me human.  I have flaws: lots of them.  This is only one of the poses I cannot hold for any length of time.  Every picture I see of this pose is beautiful and flawless and mine are terrible and my boat sinks.  I know I have a very sensitive tail bone and that prevents me from this pose but still.  One of the things I love about yoga is that we are all different and our poses will never look exactly the same as someone else.  We have all been on a crazy journey called life and sometimes that journey has accidents and bumps and definitely bruises! They shouldn’t look identical because we were not made that way.  Our differences on the outside are just as pronounced on the inside.  We may not be able to see them looking at someone but they are.

Todays Pose: Navasana-Boat pose- Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  Find your tail bone as you slowly start to lift the legs.  If you need to hold on to the legs for dear life you can 🙂 Somedays I do! Then slowly find your balance.  You may be able to release to only having one finger on each leg.  That is perfectly alright.  When and if you feel comfortable then you can lift the arms up.  But do what you can.  Whatever floats your boat!

What this pose works: vastus lateralis, hamstrings, sternocleidomastoid, rectus abdominis, and the spinal extensor muscles