I Won’t Grow Up

When we were younger, our bodies could go into the craziest postures and forms.  We could spontaneously do back flips and cart wheels on the front lawn barefoot.  We could sit in thunderbolt and heros posture whenever when sat on the floor to play a board game.  Over the years we loose that.  We loose our flexibility in our joints.  One of the many reasons why is because we stopped sitting on the floor or doing cartwheels in the front lawn.  Why? Because we grew up? I’m sorry but I will never stop doing cartwheels in my basement and try fun new things because I won’t grow up! Or should I say I won’t let my body grow up. 🙂 I don’t want my body to stop being able to sit on the floor and get up without using anything. I want to always be able to touch my toes sitting or standing.  In order to keep our flexibility, we must continue moving and stretching and pushing our bodies a little.  It doesn’t have to be every day but at least a couple times a week.

Thunderbolt posture is not for those that have knee issues by any means.  But you can build your body up to it.  Blocks are a great tool to use for this exact reason.  One, two, or even the mega block will make this posture be less harsh on the knees.  This posture is a lot easier then sitting cross-legged if you have hip issues because the hips are not externally rotated or adduct in this position.

Todays Pose: Vajrasana-Thunderbolt posture-sit with your feet together on your legs.  Reach the top of the head toward the ceiling.  If this is harsh on the knees, try sitting on a blanket or block if you have one to put less stress on the knees.  You can work your way down to sitting on the legs if you practice this posture.  Take nice deep breaths for a few moments.

What this pose works: This pose works no muscles but it does work the knee and hip joints and the spine.