Zero to Hero

It is a very cold morning here. One of those mornings when you really don’t want to get out of bed.My whole body feels a little sore. Had a great work out the last few days and now I’m paying for it. If any of you have ever felt like that you know how I’m feeling. It’s all self-induced of course and will feel better tomorrow but the next day is always painful. At least for me it is.

This next pose is not for the faint of heart. 😊 It is one of those poses that if you have any kind a knee or hip issues this is not something you should be doing. This posture took me a while to conquer and sometimes I still have trouble. If my quads are tight this posture is impossible. Once you get into this pose it is very healthy for your legs and keeps them flexible. It is also good to do things like this instead of crossing the legs because neither leg is crossed in front and putting extra weight on the other leg which can have a negative affect on the pelvis and hips. The first couple of times you do this though keep in mind to sit on something whether it be a bolster or blocks or a stack of blankets.

Today’s pose: virasana- hero’s pose- start off kneeling and slowly spread your legs apart and place your sit bones on the floor having your feet next to your hips. As I said before if you need to sit on blocks, or blankets or a bolster please do so. This can be very harsh on your knees and always protect your knees. Stay here for a few breaths and repeat if you would like to. Do this every day to keep those legs feeling good.

What this pose works: This pose works the quadriceps, and then it also works the same joints that yesterday’s worked. Which are our hips, our knees, and our ankles.