A Stress less Child’s Pose

Its a beautiful and sunny Saturday here in Fox Lake.  It’s a wee bit cold but at least the sun is shining! My zoo was nuts this morning playing and chasing each other around the house.  Their little innocence when they bring the trees from my town that is under my Christmas tree into the bedroom is always something I wake up to every morning.  This morning was the fence and two trees and thankfully nothing was chewed on or destroyed.  The score this year, so far, is 2 trees in the garbage but the fence pieces are all still standing.  No ornaments have been broken or even knocked off the tree…yet!!  The season is still young and so is my cat!

Everyone in every single class I have ever taught adores this next pose.  It is their sanctuary; their resting place!  I must be talking about child’s pose.  Yes of course I am.  🙂 This is the ultimate resting position.  It is the posture of inner calm that should help to relieve stress and anxiety that we as humans all feel.  One thing that I always tell my students is whenever they need a break from whatever we may be doing, this is the posture they should go to as their resting place.  If you have knee or hip issues, you can always sit on a blanket or block with your feet apart.  Another great thing is to spread your knees to bring your body down further.  This helps the low back especially after shoveling snow.

Todays Pose: Balasana-Child’s pose- start off kneeling with your legs together.  Sit back bringing your sit bones toward your heels.  Slowly drop your head toward the floor bringing your forehead to the floor.  Your sit bones may come up of your heels and that is perfectly alright.  You may leave your arms in front of you extending out or you may bring them around to grab your heels.  Whatever feels best for you.  Stay here for a few breaths and then repeat at least once a day for maximum results.

What this pose works: diaphragm, spinal extensors, kidney, hamstrings, tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, peroneus tertius, and peroneus brevis muscles.