Yoga is a Mind Game

Happy Thursday to all my readers! I am sitting at work listening to “Believe” from the Polar Express movie and drifting away to the music. My mind is wandering to the movie and the feeling of Christmas! Today’s pose is about our minds.

Everyone and I mean everyone absolutely knows that today’s pose is the most fabulous pose of all time. This pose is one that everyone can do. Its is corpse pose. And yes I know how that sounds but that’s its name. The Sanskrit name is much prettier. My sister loves corpse pose so much that she can do a whole hour of it! Lol It is said to be the easiest pose in all of yoga but it is also the hardest pose to master. The reason why it is the hardest is because our minds never fully shut off. We are always thinking about what we are going to do next, what we’ve already done, and anything else that might be going through our minds. It is the hardest mind game of all time to win! What thoughts enter your mind when engaged in corpse pose? The breath is incredibly important in corpse pose. Nice full inhales and exhales as you feel the belly fall and rise with each full breath.

Today’s pose: Savasana- corpse pose. Lie on your back, arms along side your body and legs flat on the floor. From the bottoms of the feet up, slowly release any tension you may feel. The mind will wander. Don’t let it focus on any one thing except for your breathing. Close the eyes and lay still taking nice deep breaths for a few minutes.

What this pose works: the whole body and especially the mind!