Our Low Backs will Thank Us!

Only 1 Friday after today left until Christmas Day!

This season has flown by! One of the bad things about being in retail is that this is our busiest season. We tend to work longer hours and much more time on our feet. For everyone, our stress level is higher and we are cramming as much family time as we can into the last couple of weeks. This is where yoga comes in handy. The pose for today is a really good one for being on your feet all day. The name of the pose is a bit funny. For those of you reading this, you might giggle or laugh out loud. lol Keep reading to find out its name! 😂

This pose is something we should do every day before even getting out of our beds. Also a great pose to do after shoveling, lifting, standing on her feet all day, and anything else that might hurt the low back. Once you are on your back you may roll around back-and-forth, side to side and whatever else feels best for you. Believe it or not this pose is also good for your biceps, your deltoid and your tricep muscles. I always tell all of my yoga students that this pose should be practiced daily. Everyone can do this pose!

Today’s pose: Apanasana- wind release pose- Lie on your back. Bring your knees into your chest and grab a hold of your knees. Rock around on your low back, around in a circle, or side to side. Take nice deep breaths. Repeat this daily!

What this pose works: deltoids, triceps brachii, and biceps brachii muscles