My Cobra Christmas Tree

10 more days left in 2018!  

Its incredible how fast this year has gone by. I’m afraid if I blink one more time today that 2019 will be here. Have you made your New Years Resolution yet? Every year, majority of people say that would like to lose weight, use that gym membership they never have, or get into shape.  Approximately 80% of New Years Resolutions fail by February.  Why is that? In my opinion, it is because we put too much pressure on ourselves and don’t set realistic goals.  Or we reach our goal and then get lazy and go back to our old ways.  I started going to the gym and taking yoga classes because that was my New Years Resolution almost 7 years ago now.  Sometimes it sticks and you are a “lifer” The challenge for this year is to set an attainable goal for yourself and make it a lifestyle. Don’t make it to lose 15 pounds or anything like that.  Say you want to be more physically active, or take yoga classes! 😀 Putting a number on it puts too much pressure on. Remember that muscle weighs more then fat does.  You might weigh the same or more but clothes fit you better and you look fit.

The pose for today is a great one to start off using those core muscles and toning the gluteus maximus.  And yes you may laugh at my picture because I’m dressed like a Christmas tree. LOL If you have low back trouble, practice this one with caution.  It is a very good back stretch but you must take it slowly and not jam the back.  Extend the back and relax the gluteus Maximus.

Today’s pose: Bhujangasana- cobra pose- start off on your stomachs with arms extending in front of you. Slide the hands toward you coming onto the hip bones. Lift the heart toward the ceiling and life the neck if your neck allows you to do so. Stay here for a few breaths and then slowly slide the hands back . Repeat if you would like to.

What this pose works: serratus anterior, triceps brachii, gluteus Maximus, and the hamstrings.