Handstands on a Rainy Day

A very rainy day here in Illinois.  I’m beginning to think that the calendar is wrong.  We had our cold and snow back in November and now 40’s and rain in late December.  It feels so strange that New Years Day is less then a week now and this is our weather.  It feels so much like spring that I cannot wait until I get my house back together. I usually take down Christmas decorations on New Years Day. A few of my neighbors have already turned their lights off.  I think that is too early.  Most people, like me, have multiple Christmas gatherings and haven’t had Christmas with everyone yet.  This Saturday is Christmas with my Dad.  At my store and restaurant, I am still playing Christmas music.  Not ready to give it up yet. 

Todays pose is an experiential pose.  It is our own experience. Our pose. We can make of it what we can do.  You can try it out and play with it.  They say to start off by practicing handstand rocks.  That is where you practicing going into a handstand without the feet both going up in the air at the same time.  The other thing you need to do is practice this against a wall or door.  I love to practice handstands but I have to say I was a little afraid of doing a handstand in the middle of my jewelry store with all those showcases.  I can sometimes control what I am doing but with the fear of falling into the glass, I wasn’t as stable as I should have been and can be.

Todays Pose: Adho Mukha Vrksasana- Downward-facing tree pose- Start off on your feet.  Spot where you want your hands to go and place your hands on the floor.  If a full handstand is out of the question, try pushing yourself up for a moment and then coming back down.  Once you are up in the air, breathe the entire time.  Slowly come back out of it by bringing your feet back to the ground.

What this pose works: rectus abdominis, triceps brachii, pronators, spinal extensors, psoas major, gluteus maximus, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, deltoid, internal oblique, external oblique, and the flexor carpi radialis muscles.