Hat Tipping Crow Pose

Its the last Saturday of the 2018 year! Hope everyone is enjoying their day and preparing for the New Year.  Has everyone made their New Years Resolution yet?  We only have 3 days left to prepare them so make sure you write them down.  I am so excited as I look ahead to the poses for the next few days.  My employees think I’m a little nuts because lets face it: I am! I love what I do and I love to teach others the passion I have for yoga. 

This is a fun pose especially today because I am wearing a hat. It looks so funny.  I told my employees that on the way here I had the idea of keeping the hat on for the picture because I thought it would be so fun.  Plus side is that you cant see my face because I’m laughing in the picture.  Abi was counting down as the iPad counted down and then said “Happy New Year” when it hit 0.  We have way too much fun here! It definitely makes it fun to work here when you enjoy the people you are with! 🙂 Shout out to Abi and Tammy as I know they are reading this! Love you ladies! 😀

Todays pose: Bakasana- Crow/Crane Pose- Start off having your hands in front of you.  Make sure you look out to start with.  Elbows should be bent.  Start to lean forward and rest your knees against your upper arms.  Slowly start to lift the feet off of the ground.  Find your balance and take nice deep breaths.  Hold for a few breaths keeping your head neutral.  Slowly lower the feet back to the ground. 

What this pose works: obliquus externus, iliacus, pectoralis major, infraspinatus, deltoideus anterior, trapezius, deltoideus posterior, sternocleidomastoideus, biceps brachii, coracobrachialis, triceps brachii, and the ilipsoas muscles.