Crow into the Light

Happy New Years Adam Eve! I’m sure you are asking yourself right now what am I talking about.  Well its the day before New Years Eve and Adam came before Eve. LOL

I have to say how happy I am with todays picture.  I took a couple inside the store and they didn’t look right.  I then went outside and saw how the sun looked and thought perfect! 🙂 All my employees here at work today asked how I got the picture to look like that and I said I can’t take credit because all I did was do the pose.  The sun is shining and I wanted to show it off a little bit.

This is such a fun pose. I love practicing poses that if you fall, you can make another pose out of it.  In side crow pose, if you fall just stick your top leg up into the air and call it Falling Angel! 🙂 My yoga instructor taught me that and I teach it now every time I teach this pose.  And yes I have been a falling angel many many times! LOL  In this pose, while it is an arm balance, it is important to press the hip into the arm as well. Now granted the knee goes into one arm and the hip into the opposite arm, not both the same arms.  This is until you have the arm strength to support your body on one arm.  Somedays I can, but most of the time I use both arms.  It is also helpful to prevent injuries to the wrists. 

Todays pose: Parsva Bakasana- Side Crow pose- Start off as you did with crow pose having both hands on the floor in front of you.  Turn to the right.  Bring your left knee to your right forearm and bring your left hip to your left forearm. Press the elbows into the knee and hip and the knee and hip back into the elbows.  Slowly bring the left foot up as you find your balance.  Let the left leg pick up the right leg as you start to lean more into the arms.  If the foot needs to stay down for the first few times, that is ok.  Nice deep breaths in this pose as you find something to focus on to keep your balance.  Slowly come back down and then repeat on the other side.  Do try the other side as sometimes it may be easier. 

What this pose works: external oblique, pectineus, adductor brevis, and triceps brachii