A Little Grand Canyon Eight-Angle Pose

New Years Resolution Day!

It’s New Years Eve and the partying is starting in few hours.  Lets ring in the New Year with a New You.  As I have said previously, for your New Years Resolution, make it something attainable.  Stick with it and make it a lifestyle.  Easier said then done I know, but try.  Saturday at Christmas with my dad, my step-mother mentioned something about healthy recipes.  I always say the same thing, I eat what I want to eat and then I work out.  I don’t believe in dieting because that makes you yo-yo in weight.  Or sometimes when you are done dieting you gain more weight later than you lost.  I believe in being healthy and active.  Give in to your cravings and then work them off.  Don’t deprive yourself of what your body wants unless its a dozen cheeseburgers. LOL

I am so in love with this pose!! The first time I saw it and tried it, was a disaster.  I couldn’t figure out where to put what and how to shift my weight so I stopped falling on my face.  But after much trial and error I was able to (Safely) do this pose on the wall of the Grand Canyon! You should have seen everyone’s faces’ around my sister and I as I did this.  That is the picture I should post here.  Hysterical! I’m about 3 feet from the edge here so plenty of room for falling but I mostly fall forward. 🙂 The trick to this pose is having the bottom foot support the top leg and engaging the core to keep you up.  Yes you have to have the arm strength as well but it is not as important as you think.

Todays pose- astavakrasana- eight-angle pose- Start off in dandasana  with both legs in front of you.  Place the right hand on the floor on the outside of the right leg and take hold of the left leg and bring the leg as high up the left arm as you can.  Press into the left hand on the floor on the left side of the right leg.  Press into the hands as you bring the right leg across the front of you to the left foot.  Cross the feet and lean forward as you extend the legs to the left straightening them as much as possible.  Stay here for a few breaths and then slowly come back to dandasana as you try the other side.  Remember it may be easier or harder as we are different on both sides.

What this pose works: adductors, triceps brachii, and the pectoralis major