Into the New Year Peacock Style

Happy new year! Hope everyone has a year filled with joy, peace, and health!

Today starts the new year. The day when New Year’s resolutions begin. New Year, New You! As I sit here this morning thinking about all I want to accomplish (most of it yoga related 😊) I’m reminded how far I have come. When I first started yoga there was a lot I couldn’t do or that I was afraid to do. Then my health scare happened and I thought I would never be able to practice again. Through determination, practice and help from my friends I am able to show you this pose today!

Now this pose is not something you can just jump into and perform. It takes a lot of core strength, arm strength, and guts. I’m going to share with you something funny. So the first time, actually the first few hundred times, I did this pose I don’t know how many times I fell forward on my face. I practiced this at work a lot while my employees sat there and watched me and laughed. I have to agree with them it was very funny. I started off using the giant jumbo block and I placed it underneath my stomach. I wanted to practice just getting my head up and my legs up without doing it just on my arms. Well let’s just say that was a disaster.You have no idea how heavy your head and your legs really are until you try to let both of them at the same time. After about a week of me trying this many many many times, I finally was able to do it without the block. You have to basically Teeter totter your body on your arms until you find your center of balance. A very fun pose to laugh at yourself in.

Today’s pose: mayurasana- peacock pose. Start off placing your hand on the floor with your fingers facing your knees. Place a blanket on the floor in front of you where your head may land. Press your elbows into your rib cage as you slowly start to lift your feet off the floor keeping your head off the floor as well. You will not be able to stay longer than 20 seconds as this does present to your lungs and it’s harder to breathe. And as I said earlier, yes you will fall down but if you fall on your face just laugh and get back up. Try this pose a few times.

What this pose works: triceps brachii, spinal extensors, and the gluteus Maximus.