Its All in Your Head

Last night we went out to dinner for my sisters birthday and we took a limo there. We were riding in style! Shocked my sister as she wasn’t expecting a limo. As we were sitting around the table, I was thinking how much I don’t want to get a cold. My sister has been sick for a week and now my step father is getting sick. I know it’s that time of year but I just had a cold 2 months ago that I’m still not 100% recovered from! Airborne, washing my hands more frequently, and staying away from everyone (oh wait I work with the public) is something I am trying to do.

With that being said, today’s pose is a great one for allergies and cold repair. It is another one you can perform against a wall or door. It does take core strength but not as much as a handstand. I first saw someone in a yoga class go into this pose and thought wow thats awesome! I started to learn it and after about a week I was able to be in the middle of the floor performing this pose. I have done so much to improve and make this pose more advanced. I can be in a headstand and get my legs to go into a full lotus position. I have way too much fun! 😀

Today’s pose: salamba sirasana- supported headstand- start off against a wall or door. Now I have seen the arms in different positions. I prefer tripod but I have seen clamping the hands and having the forearms on the floor. You can choose which ever one you want. Strengthen your core as you lift the legs into the air. Stay here for a few breaths. If you have high blood pressure please do not stay more then a few seconds. Slowly come back down and repeat if you would like.

What this pose works: vastus lateralis, rectus femoris, rectus abdominis, serratus anterior, triceps brachii, hamstrings, spinal extensors, infraspinatus, and many deep neck muscles.