Wheel for the Broken Heart

Another gorgeous January day! The temperature is above freezing and the sun is shining. After work today I am taking my dog out for a nice long walk. It might even turn into a run if I get ambitious enough. 😊 According to my training, I should be running 5 miles today. My mom and I are doing the Disney Princess 10K in February and I have been slacking on my running over the holidays. I know I shouldn’t have but everything else got in the way. You know how that is! I ran 2.5 on Thursday but not sure I’m ready for 5 today. We shall see.

Today’s pose is for all those women and men with broken hearts. It is supposed to open the heart and get the body moving. This pose is hard to start practicing as an adult. Our bodies don’t work the same or bend the same. It can be done but takes a little more time and patience. I usually teach this one with a fitness ball. If you sit on the fitness ball and then slowly bend backwards until your hands reach the floor you then have to push yourself up. This is the best way to feel the pose and still reap the benefits. Don’t get frustrated with yourself as this is a hard one the first few times. You need to have open shoulders and open hips.

Today’s pose: urdhva dhanurasana- upward bow pose/wheel pose- start off on your back and place your hands on the floor over your shoulders with your fingers facing your shoulders. Push into your hands and feet and press yourself up. Stay here for a few breaths and then slowly come back down.

What this pose works: anconeus, triceps brachii, deltoid, rectus abdominis, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus Maximus psoas major