Yoga for the Cold and Flu Season

Well today I woke up finally catching a cold that my family has had. I was hoping I was immune from this one as I was just sick two months ago but alas here it is. One of the things that I have learned when it comes to sinus issues is that moving around the house helps me. When you don’t have a fever that is. And thankfully I don’t. I just have the sniffles, sneezy, and sore throat. Because of this, I will not be posting my picture. I look like Rudolph with my red nose and watery eyes. Hope everyone else is staying healthy.

A few months ago, I looked up some yoga poses for cold and sinus help. One of them was a headstand. I love to do headstands. They say it helps with congestion to keep the nasal passages clear. I have tried it and yes it does help. If you have a sinus infection no this is not helpful but harmful. This is something you should do before it gets to that point. Today’s pose also helps to clear the nose as you tilt the head back. I have tried it a few times today and hopefully I will be on the mend soon.

Today’s pose: chatus pada pitham: four-footed tabletop pose- start off sitting with your arms behind you. Bring your feet flat on the floor about hip distance apart. Press into the hands and feet and lift up the chest and hips and thighs. Bring the head in alignment with the spine and stay here for a few breaths. Repeat if necessary.

What this pose works: deltoid, triceps brachii, spinal extensors, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, and anconeus muscles.