It’s A New Day

So today is the day after.  For those of you joining in today, we have finished the book Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews.  I have decided I will probably do random sequences instead of another book as the sequences will include all of the poses we just talked about.  Today is going to be the most important sequence for a lot of people.  It is the sequence for aches and pains.  Of course any kind of movement is always beneficial to prevent aches and pains. As with anything new or a posture that is new to you, move slowly.  Listen to your body as it tells you whether it enjoys a pose or whether you need to back off a pose.  Use your breath to move through the poses in the sequence.  Approach each pose with care and ease.  If your breath becomes shorter, back off a little.  Always all time to adjust to each new position. 

Start off with cow face pose.  This is done while sitting with one leg stacked on top of the other, knees in alighment.  Make sure both sit bones are flat on the floor.  From there, move into cow face with the shoulder opener.  Whatever leg is on top, take the opposite arm into the air as you drop it behind your back and reach the other arm in front and all the way around to find your other hand. Stay here and then repeat on other side.  If you have 2 blocks available this pose helps the spine. You will be going into a supported bridge pose. Place one block on the tallest under your neck and another block on the lowest right under the low back.  Open up the chest and stay here releasing into the blocks for a few breaths.  Next, remove blocks and extend one leg out while crossing the other leg all the way across your body in a nice spinal twist.  Repeat with other leg.  Squat with neck release follows spinal twist.  Go into a squat position and lace the fingers behind your head and drop your chin toward your chest.  To close the aches and pains poses, release onto the floor with a rolled up blanket under your spine and feet together in butterfly.  Arms can be at a T position opened up the chest.  Close your eyes and stay here for a few minutes.  Imagine your favorite place and breath!

We Build too Many Walls and not Enough Bridges

Today we move into the single digits of shopping days left. It has been a crazy morning already. (Shout out to my amazing chiropractor and friend for an early appointment. You are the best! 😊) I tried my hardest to have my shop open by 9 but low and behold my restaurant needed my attention this morning. Everyone was in for breakfast! Always a good thing to see a full restaurant and happy people eating delicious food! 😊

The pose of the day is one that is great for high blood pressure and anxiety. It is that time of year where we need all the help we can get. I try to get my yoga students to practice this pose in every class. We sometimes do this on a block. That way you don’t have to hold yourself up but still get the benefits of the lowering of the blood pressure and releasing the anxiety.

Today’s Pose: Setu Bandhasana- Bridge Pose- start off on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Take your middle fingers and reach for your heels, then you know your bridge is in the right spot. Please do not turn your head while in bridge pose. Slowly from the hips lift up until you are on your shoulders. Bring your arms underneath you. Length the top of the head away as you put space in the throat. Stay here for a few breaths.

What this pose works: rectus abdominis, gluteus Maximus, hamstrings, and quadricep muscles